Helping large scale
collaboration projects
improve, increasing
overall efficiency and
multiple levels.

Survey driven feedback

A simple, easy to use, tried and tested, quick online survey method is used to gather data.

Multi-level team statistics

Feedback shows the behaviour of different groups within your collaboration e.g frontline, senior leaders, middle management. If you wish it will differentiate behaviour of different functional groups or organisations too.

Analysis and reports

Analysis locates the behaviour on your collaboration with on our behavioural model of collaboration maturity. Online and printed reports provide a picture of the current behaviour with implications for development. Presentation formats include tables, graphs and text.

Download a sample report

Have a look at one of our sample reports to get an idea of the kind of feedback our approach provides. Working with you will involve tailoring the outputs to meet your specific situation, whilst drawing on experience from over 25 years research and practice in this field.

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