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People actively invite contributions from quieter team members
People tend to contact each other by phone to explain what it is about before making information requests
When new people join our group we are very effective at helping them to understand quickly how things work
People go the extra mile to help each other out


I know or can easily find out what other people are accountable for
People respond to requests for information within the time they agreed
People routinely hold each other to account for their actions
People keep to their commitments
People speak up to raise issues within the home organisation when the needs of a particular project do not comfortably align with corporate goals

Creativity and Innovation

When new ideas are suggested people listen actively and test their understanding
We always seem to do things the same way
When new people join us, we respond positively to the ideas that they bring
After lessons learned sessions we generally do not implement these lessons into practice
People share their ideas willingly, even before they're fully developed.


Some leaders at senior levels of the organisation are quick to allocate blame
Leaders at senior levels of the organisation are slow to embrace new ideas
Leaders at senior levels of the organisation are quick to focus on the interests of their own team/group at the expense of the wider organisation's goals
Senior leaders role model effective collaborative behaviours
Senior leaders respond postively to challenges whatever their source

Mutual Respect

People routinely give each other constructive feedback
In meetings, someone always checks to make sure everyone understands what has been agreed
People are able to show weakness to each other for example, speaking up early when their work has gone wrong
We blame others inside or outside the organisation when things go wrong
We give clients feedback about their behaviour when it affects delivery

Mutual Trust

People hide failures from clients
When serious problems or challenges emerge we seek cross team support and ideas to resolve them
People always speak up when things are not right
People are listened to when they speak up about things they think are not right
It is not unusual for people to speak up on behalf of someone else who might be affected by an action, decision or proposal

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