Test Yourself :Test your Organisation

How prepared is your organisation to collaborate with others?

Here’s a chance to gain an insight into the readiness of you and your organisation to achieve collaborative success.

Take a few minutes to answer these quick but revealing questions. The results will help you identify the behaviours needed to collaborate effectively – and critically give you an indication of how effective you are now.

It will also help you think about what you see in your organisation.

The results will show:

  • What you feel your people are good at
  • The development needs of your people

Take the test

If the results suprise you or pique your interest, give us a call. We can show you how you can ensure your people are ready to engage effectively on collaborative ventures resulting in better and more efficient results.

This test can be taken bay a range of people across your organisation to generate more revealing results and analysis. For a wider organisation survey, with deeper insights and support to bridge the gaps, contact JCP today.